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岩手 Iwate

This Prefecture's Symbol

岩手 Iwate

  • Prefecture's Bird: Green Pheasant

  • Prefecture's Tree: Nanbu Red Pine

  • Prefecture's Flower: Paulownia

Iwate faces the Pacific ocean and is just below Aomori prefecture.

From Wikipedia:
Of the several theories about the origin of the name ‘Iwate', the most well known tale, 'Oni no tegata,' is that associated with Mitsuishi Shrine in Morioka. (The Mitsuishi, literally ‘three rocks', are said to have been thrown down into Morioka by an eruption of Mt Iwate.) According to the legend, there was once a devil who often tormented and harassed the local people. When the people prayed to the spirits of Mitsuishi for protection, the devil was immediately shackled to the rocks and made to promise never to trouble the people again. As a sign of this promise the devil left a handprint on one of the rocks, thus giving rise to the name Iwate, literally meaning ‘rock hand'. Even now after a rainfall it is said that the devil's hand print can still be seen.

CAPITAL: Morioka


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