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benkyou suru

luv japanese language..
thanks so much

can someone tell me where can

can someone tell me where can i get more manga in japanese?

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I've just deleted another

I've just deleted another comment here, so I want to reiterate the rules for TJP.

Linking to websites that engage in copyright violation is not allowed here. That means you are not allowed to link to sites that offer scans of manga for viewing or download unless they are explicitly approved by the copyright owners.

So you either need to buy the manga from credible sources, or use sites like http://www.j-comi.jp/ which appear to work with the copyright holders to offer the comics through legal means.


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How can we, the members of The Japanese Page, create educational audiobooks?

ダヴィダ ROCKS! 日本が好きです日本!

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That sounds like a great

That sounds like a great idea. Unfortunately right now, I am very limited in my time. My work Work has become very busy, but if you have an idea, please let me know.

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