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Cut-Tongue Sparrow Part 3

Shitakiri Suzume at TheJapanesePage.com
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山の中 yama no naka In the mountains
歩きながら aruki nagara While walking
舌切り雀 shita kiri suzume Cut tongue sparrow
お宿 o yado residence
~はどこだ ~wa doko da Where is …?
ちゅんちゅんちゅん chunchunchun Chirping
to Quotation marker
探し回りました sagashi mawarimashita going around searching
ずいぶん長い間 zuibun nagai aida For a pretty long time
そうやって sou yatte in that way
どこからか dokokara Out of somewhere

ここだ koko da Is here
聞こえてきました kikoete kimashita able to hear
その声 sono koe That voice
その声のするほうに sono koe no suru hou ni in the direction of the voice
行ってみると itte miru to To go and see…
そこに soko ni At that spot; there
かわいらしい kawairashii Cute; lovely
おうち o uchi house (polite)
がありました ga arimashita There was
家の前で ie no mae de In the front of the house
あの ano That
舌を切られた雀 shita o kirareta suzume The sparrow whose tongue was cut
おじいさんを待っていました ojiisan o matte imashita Was waiting for the old man

ようこそいらっしゃいました youkoso irasshaimashita Welcome

おお oo Oh
お前 omae You
心配で shinpai de To be worried about
ずっと探していたんだよ zutto sagashite itan da yo (I) have been looking for you forever

それはそれは sore wa sore wa That’s (doubled for emphasis)
ありがとうございます arigatou gozaimasu Thank you
さ、 sa, Well then
こちらへ kochira e This way
お入りください o hairi kudasai Please come in (polite)

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Pianogirl123's picture


at first I was confused, but judging from the audio, I'd say the first paragraph wasn't supposed to be there.. When I read it before listening, I was confused, because the topic changed to the sparrow and then it was unclear who was speaking the next line...

correct me if i'm wrong, but ignore the first paragraph while reading this.

clay's picture

Thanks! Yep, a copy paste

Thanks! Yep, a copy paste error. Sorry about that. Fixed now.

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