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第一章の単語 Chapter 1 vocabulary

Chapter 1 Vocabulary

Kanji crossreferenced with only a number are indexed to the Kodansha Kanji Learner's Dictionary; kanji cross-referenced with N+number are not in the Kanji Learner's Dictionary, and are indexed to Nelson's Japanese-English Character Dictionary.

第一章【だいいっしょう】 chapter 1 [1706], [2105], [1342]
紹介【しょうかい】 (n) introduction [0902], [1245]
昔々【むかしむかし】 (n-t) long ago, “once upon a time” [1574]
ある (adj-pn) a certain ..., some ...
村【むら】 (n) village [0558]
娘【むすめ】 (n) daughter, girl [0302]
おばあさん (n) grandmother
暮らす【くらす】 (v5s,vt) to live, to get along [1522]
美しい【うつくしい】 (adj) beautiful, lovely [1451]
大変【たいへん】 (adv) very, exceedingly, terribly [2133], [1311]
貧しい【まずしい】 (adj) poor, needy [1344]
生活【せいかつ】 (n) living, life (one's daily existence), livelihood [2179], [0285]
全体【ぜんたい】 (n-adv) whole, entire [1277], [0052]
若者【わかもの】 (n) young man, youth, lad [1430], [2047]
姿【すがた】 (n) figure, shape, appearance [1684]
~よりも (prt) than ~
豊か【ゆたか】 (adj-na) wealthy, rich [1732]
結婚する【けっこんする】 (vs) to marry [0912], [0344]
者【もの】 (n) person [2047]
誰一人も【だれひとりも】 (n) (with negative), no one, nobody [N4384], [2105], [2111]
として (conj) as for
現れる【あらわれる】 (v1, vi) to appear, to materialize [0657]
~や (suf) name suffix denoting intimacy
お前【おまえ】 (n) (fam) you (sing); my dear, my darling [1453]
幸せ【しあわせ】 (n) happiness, good fortune, luck [1408]
探す【さがす】 (v5s, vt) to search (for something desired) [0374]
~ために (conj) for, for the sake of
都【みやこ】 (n) capital, metropolis [1106]
~方がいい【ほうがいい】 (exp) should ~ [1243]
独り【ひとり】 (adv) alone [0293]
残す【のこす】 (v5s, vt) to leave behind [0640]
度【たび】 (n) times (three times, each time, etc.) [1974]
答える【こたえる】 (v1, vi) to answer, to reply [1722]
亡くなる【なくなる】 (v5r, vi) to die [2125]
お墓【おはか】 (n) gravesite, tomb [1505]
葬る【ほうむる】 (v5r, vt) to bury, to inter, to entomb [1496]
なけなし (adj-no) scant, (what) little
家財【かざい】 (n) household belongings (goods) [1458], [0978]
集める【あつめる】 (v1, vt) to collet, to assemble [1772]
向ける【むける】 (v1, vt) to turn towards, to point [1934]
出発する【しゅっぱつする】 (vs) to depart [2180], [1634]

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