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第二章の単語 Chapter 2 Vocabulary

Chapter 2 Vocabulary

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Kanji crossreferenced with only a number are indexed to the Kodansha Kanji Learner's Dictionary; kanji cross-referenced with N+number are not in the Kanji Learner's Dictionary, and are indexed to Nelson's Japanese-English Character Dictionary.

第二章【だいにしょう】 chapter 2 [1706], [1224], [1342]
漁師【りょうし】 (n) fisherman [0492], [0892]
出会い【であい】 (n) meeting, encounter [2180], [1275]
間もなく【まもなく】 (adv) soon, before long, in a short time [2094]
海【うみ】 (n) sea, beach [0284]
着く【つく】 (v5k) to arrive at, to reach [2086]
砂浜【すなはま】 (n) sandy beach [0772], [0320]
網【あみ】 (n) net, network [0930]
開く【あく】 (v5k, vi) to open, to become open, to become empty [2092]
穴【あな】 (n) hole [1366]
繕う【つくろう】 (v5u, vt) to mend, to repair, to fix, to patch up, to darn [0959]
私【わたし】 (n) I, myself [0758]
申す【もうす】 (v5s, vt) (hum) to be called, to say [2186]
答える【こたえる】 (v1, vi) to answer, to reply [1722]
よろしければ (exp) (ばconditional of よろしい) if it's OK
お手伝いをいたす (exp, v5s) (humble form of 手伝う) to help [2155], [0028]
~てくれる (exp, v1) to ~ for me
~なら (conj, prt) if, in case
貝【かい】 (n) shellfish [1614]
採る【とる】 (v5r, vt) to pick (e.g., fruit) [0367]
座る【すわる】 (v5r, vi) to sit, to squat [1989]
~ながら (prt) while ~ing
海岸【かいがん】 (n) coast, beach [0284], [1424]
終わる【おわる】 (v5r, vi) to finish [0903]
呼ぶ【よぶ】 (v5b, vt) to call out (to), to call [0205]
修繕する【しゅうぜんする】 (vs) to repair, to mend [0092], [0959]
大分【だいぶ】 (adv) considerably, greatly, a lot [2133], [1247]
~ようだ (exp) seems like ~, appears to be ~
助かる【たすかる】 (v5r, vi) to be helpful [0764]
うまい (adj) skillful
幸せ【しあわせ】 (n) happiness, good fortune, luck [1408]
~ために (conj) for, for the sake of
探す【さがす】 (v5s, vt) to search (for something desired) [0374]
都【みやこ】 (n) capital, metropolis [1106]
参る【まいる】 (v5r) (hum) to go, to come [1308]
頑張る【がんばる】 (v5r, vi) to persist, to try one's best [0712], [0340]
くだされ = ください
感謝【かんしゃ】 (n) thanks, gratitude [1814], [1079]
印【しるし】 (n) symbol [0554]
半分【はんぶん】 (n-adv) half [2182], [1247]
受け取る【うけとる】 (v5r, vt) to accept, to take [1569], [0847]
そんなに (exp) so much
いただく (v5k, vt) (hum) to accept, to take
~ことができる (exp, v1) to be able to ~
つまらない (adj) insignificant, trifling
たんと = たくさん
捕まえる【つかまえる】 (v1, vt) to catch [0315]
思う【おもう】 (v5u, vt) to think, to feel [1633]
本当【ほんとう】 (adj-na, n) truth, reality [2183], [1378]
懐【ふところ】 (n) (1)bosom, (2), (breast) pocket, purse, handbag [0528]
向かう【むかう】 (v5u, vi) to go towards [1934]

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