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Down to business. My youngest sister is currently 13 years old, and has expressed an interest in studying Japanese. She is currently homeschooled, and there are no Japanese classes/tutors she can learn from. In other words, she is going to self-study like me! I plan to help answer questions and practice speaking with her, but the time difference/busy schedule will make regular lessons impossible.

I had GREAT experience with the Genki program. However, I have a feeling that it's a little too advanced for the average 13-year-old to get into. She needs to learn a foreign language, and since her sister is living in Japan, she decided to study Japanese. However, she doesn't have the same passion, and I'm afraid Genki might scare her off.

What textbooks/books would you guys recommend for a young learner of Japanese? Something that's a little slower paced than the Genki series?

Thanks all!

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会う to meet someone

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Kagehina wrote:
I already know that once you have stated who/what you are talking about, you can drop the 私は (I think that is right?)
So, would I write 私の名前はブリです。アメリカに住んでいます。

You're right.
Another choice will be:
But I like your version. It sounds smoother to me.

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The latter part:
It is said the stress leads you manage to solve the problem
and this will often trigger to mature you.

devinamaaa wrote:
this means people will do anything to accomplish their goal..
but i dont understand 手段を選ばない means you dont choose way?

Yes. 手段を選ばない is a common idiom
"to do anything (even if it's dirty or risky etc)".
And it's used usually in a negative way.

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Douzo yoroshiku onegaishimasu! :D

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