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私は個人情報(こじんじょうほう)を知られてもいいですが・・ プライバシーのため、名前だけは言わないことにします。


よろしくお願いします :wave:

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I already tried the free event with $0.5 credit for new registration. Things are going on well. I also went to their FB page, and seems like a nice app. And I am going to top up for the 1st time to participate in the purchase coupons, receive bonus credits, pizzas and round trip ticket event they are running for Japan and Taiwan residents :D ... zza_w.html

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はじめまして、shiroisanって書いてあるけれども、shiroでいいですよ。カナダの出身です。まだ、生まれ育った町に住んでいます。英語と日本語以外に、他の言語が出来ません。23歳なので、まだ若いうちに日本語能力を毎日少しずつ上達するようにしています。日本語専攻の大学生として全身全霊頑張っています。こういうために仕事さえを止めておきました。三年前に学び始めましたが、その間、諦めていた時が多くて、よく習うことを怠けてしまいました。今はあの時と違います。今度は絶えられない決心です。命をかけていますからね。 :pray:


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Answer the following in Japanese (if your feeling extra kind in english and romaji too ^-^ )

1. What's your name?
2. Where you're from?
3. Where you now stay (if its not the same country you originate)
4. How old you are.
5. What you do for a living (or if your a student etc).
6. How long you have been learning Japanese
7. What languages you speak
8. What you do in your free time

(feel free to add any more)

1. littlegreen と申します (littlegreen to moushimasu) i'm called littlegreen
2. スコットランド からきました (Sukottorando kara kimashita) [ i'm from Scotland ]
3. 私はスコットランドにすんでいます (watashi wa Sukottorando ni sundei masu ) [ I live in ]
4. 私は二十三 歳です(watashiwa niju san sai desu) [ i'm 23 years old ]

and at the moment that's as far as my Japanese skills can stretch.
Hopefully in time I can answer the other 4 questions though, then we'll know if I've progressed any :P
oh and just let me know if I made any mistakes with the above ^_^ ありがとう

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There's Free $0.5 Event for new users, which sounds nice. At least I can test its quality and price before thinking of spending the real money. How's your idea on this? I am curious whether you simply switch from Skype just because of cheaper rates and promotions :?:

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But currently there's another one called Global Call with cheaper price, plus more promotions and events. So I switch to that. :whistle:

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