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I'm a first year college student who is learning Japanese. I'm JUST starting. I knew a few things before and I own Genki I so that should be a start. I have a very ambitious goal in mind which may actually be impossible to do but I'm gonna try anyway. I want to go to Toudai. I need to learn enough Japanese to pass the JLPT N2 so I can understand the lectures. I have a long way to go but all of my friends are giving me support.

Obviously Genki I and II won't cut it for N2, can someone suggest me materials? Also I need to talk with people too, I do know someone but apparently his internet is down.

Hope to talk to you all :)


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この場合、「問題」より、「質問」と言ったほうがいいではないかと思います。「問題」はたぶん、(solvable) problemのようなニュアンスがあります。


何か聞きたいことがあれば何でもどうぞ ^_^

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First of all I would like to apologize for any improper spelling and grammar. I'm using my phone to post this and will try my best to make it legible.

I'm seeking someone who would be willing to help me learn/practice Japanese. I'm a 28 year old male from the United states native English speaker and yes I'm college level. I'm exchange I can help you improve your English skills.

I've been studying on my own, but would like to be able to speak verbally with someone. This way I can work on my pronunciation and you can as well.

My interests are very broad so I guarantee conversations will not be a bore.

I can't wait to hear back from you.

Thank you,


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hariharidax2 wrote:
ソラニン "Solanin"



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Sony Japan
EAN: 4988010054601 ... 8010054601

You can listen sample in Amazon.JP ... uage=ja_JP


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You're absolutely right, getting those kana down is the first place to start - but its pretty fun so have a blast :D
You can find great resources here and also feel free to join us in chat from time to time!

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No app for News Web Easy that I know of :(

There are a couple of official apps for NHK:

-NHK WORLD TV (to watch)

If they are any use. I've only tried the radio app and it's actually news clips of varying lengths.


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I'm just starting to learn Japanese. Quick background: recently, my daughter has gotten into anime and manga, and I took her to Anime Weekend Atlanta, and we both had a blast. I've started catching up on stuff I've missed over the past decade or two - the last anime I had watched was InuYasha and Lupin III, late at night on Adult Swim when she was little and I was "awake" late at night; I had enjoyed both even though I was usually not able to pay enough attention to really follow the plot.

Anyway, I was up for a new intellectual challenge, and figured why not take a shot at learning the language? I've been picking at some vocabulary and grammar, but realized that I needed to get the kana down to make any more real progress, so that's been my focus for the past couple days. I've been using the free iPhone app to quiz myself and I've actually surprised myself at how well I'm getting it. But I'm still dreading tackling Kanji.

Anyway, I'll probably be poking my head into the forums with questions for the