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My name is Ryzky from Indonesia.

I will write an IndoJapan novel series named 'Hanabiratachi'.
THe Novel series of time event starting at year 2012 until year 2040.
Because i was learning Japanese too, so i need your help all.

May i join here to upgrade my Japanese ability?

Thank you.

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From 1:08 until 1:26. Here's what I have so far, up until that point, for context:

(Guy on the Right)俺が取ったという証拠があるのか?
Do you have proof that I took it?

(Guy on the Left)君がね、この中にこの本を入れるところね、全部防犯ビデオにずっと録画されてんの!
When you put this book inside (your bag), it was all recorded on the surveillance video!

Then, (something something :?: )

It's clear the guy on the right goes on to say something about the surveillance video, the other guy says something, guy on the right yells something, then the other guy yells back. But I have no idea. Then the audience laughs, so it's kinda a key point, which is frustrating. :blush:

If anyone with better 聞き取り can help, please do. Thanks.

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A lot of Japanese people see violence (acting out anger) as a normal thing to relieve stress. I mean you look at something like Hana Yori Dango (TV Drama circa 2005). The protagonist Tsukasa comes off as a violent spoiled brat who would not hesitate to throw a punch at anyone or destroy things like vases whenever he gets angry.

Then, you look at a Korean show, You're Beautiful, circa 2009 (basically Korea's response to Japan's HYD), and the protagonist handles himself much better when he gets angry.

Basically, what I learnt from watching Japanese dramas was that if I ever get angry, I should lash out at the world to make myself feel better again. This is the one thing I dislike the most about Japan as a whole. This is the reason why we get violent crimes in Japan like people getting randomly stabbed b/c some teenager had a disagreement with their parents, and TV taught them to go on a stabbing spree to de-stress.

Or, a bunch of Japanese girls felt like ganging up on one of their friends and beat them to death b/c they made bad comments about them behind their backs. Why? B/c their culture taught them, if they should ever get angry, they should just lash out to make themselves feel better again.

Or, how about this one worker dude, who just thought it'd be cool to go out and slash women's legs with a knife b/c he he felt stressed out at work...

I really like Japanese culture/Japan, I really do, especially things made or engineered in Japan is usually top notch. But, no one race/country/religion is perfect. And so, I believe that this is the bad part about Japan. Other Asians, such as Koreans, Chinese, etc. handle themselves much better when u expose them to the same stressors (parents, work, backstabbing friends)...

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