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by nyagao
Thu 06.21.2012 9:36 am
Forum: Grammar Questions and Problems
Topic: 戻る vs 戻ってくる ?!
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Re: 戻る vs 戻ってくる ?!

戻ってくる is a combined verb of 戻る + 来る. You may know the meaning of 来る is like the word 'come', but its basis is "me", who is talking now. So, 戻って来る implies to return and then come to me (or where I am). 戻る is just talking about the action of "return." But 戻ってくる is used in the case that someone or some...
by nyagao
Wed 06.20.2012 10:49 am
Forum: Translation Questions or Discussion
Topic: Translating a nursery rhyme...
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Re: Translating a nursery rhyme...

Hi, The phrases seem to be a lyrics of a song or something. So some of the phonemic elements are forced to shorten to fit to each music tone, for example, もいちど was indeed もういちど, and to made it four syllables, もう was shortened to just も. Each phrases in this rhyme has the form of 4-4-5 syllables, and...