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by whizkid
Wed 04.17.2013 3:19 am
Forum: Japanese Language Proficiency Test
Topic: N4 or N5?
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Re: N4 or N5?

Curry_Girl wrote:Yeah, trying to study with online resources for almost ten years go me no where. Using Genki I went from nothing to being able to understand 20% of Japanese television in one week. And that's not me exaggerating.
Dang you`re gifted. If its true then its not about the book. Its about your capability.
by whizkid
Thu 04.11.2013 7:58 pm
Forum: 日本語の練習 (Practice Japanese)
Topic: 贈呈の私は
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Re: 贈呈の私は

こんばんは 僕は日本語を学んで6月です 大きい問題の僕も辞書を過ぎです How was that? Let me rephrase this:こんばんは 僕は日本語を学んで6月です--> Did you mean Hello, I`m studying Japanese for 6 months already ? It should be こんにちは。僕は日本語を勉強するのにもう6ヶ月間です。 大きい問題の僕も辞書を過ぎですーー> I dont know what you are trying to say here. and about your subject. 贈呈の私は-> are...
by whizkid
Sun 03.31.2013 6:07 am
Forum: Introductions
Topic: はじめまして!。フィリピンの方です。
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hello everyone. Im new here and is planning to use this website to study for my JLPT n1 exam. looking forward to interact with all of you.
by whizkid
Sun 03.31.2013 6:02 am
Forum: Culture and Info about living in Japan
Topic: seemingly safe places to live in japan
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Re: seemingly safe places to live in japan

i lived in japan for 5 years. generally it is safe there. police men dont have guns and only have a police baton with them when they`re patrolling. so I guess thats a proof to the level of safety in japan