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by LightSamurai
Mon 04.08.2013 4:20 am
Forum: History and Literature Discussions
Topic: Simple Japanese books with furigana?
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Re: Simple Japanese books with furigana?

At first I was also looking for texts with furigana. But with Rikaichan, furigana and dictionaries become almost unnecessary, you can know the meaning of any expression so quickly. What's still missing for me is some kind of confirmation that I understood a sentence correctly. For that, a Japanese t...
by LightSamurai
Fri 04.05.2013 1:37 am
Forum: Japanese General Discussion
Topic: Anyway to memorize Japanese?
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Re: Anyway to memorize Japanese?

Well there is no magic trick: you have to repeat and repeat and repeat... :wink: Fortunately there are tools to help you, especially if you are beginning. Check out a software called "Anki", you can download it for free: it's basically electronic flashcards, but in a smart way. You give to Anki a se...