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by Veejay
Sun 10.11.2015 6:09 am
Forum: Grammar Questions and Problems
Topic: Words for family members
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Re: Words for family members

I recall listening to a discussion on one well-known e-learning podcast saying that if it's JLPT, follow the textbook explanations for using terms describing family members to other people, but in real life, it's not so simple. In theory, you use the "chichi/haha ..." etc terms to deprecate your in-...
by Veejay
Sun 10.11.2015 4:57 am
Forum: Learning Materials Reviews & Language Learning tips
Topic: Japanese For Busy People is an underrated self-study text
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Re: Japanese For Busy People is an underrated self-study tex

Japanese for Busy people is in its 3rd edition, so some comments above may relate to earlier editions. I worked (self-study) through Level 3, which is approximately low-intermediate. There is no romaji in this level - it is all kana/kanji. I found it very natural and easy to use alone, with lots of ...