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by pu-san
Thu 12.07.2006 4:02 am
Forum: General off topic
Topic: American slang?
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RE: American slang?

well we say gidday here in nz too lol... nt that we're really talking about NZ here, but hey lol
by pu-san
Thu 12.07.2006 3:58 am
Forum: Culture and Info about living in Japan
Topic: Is it true that the Japanese don't really like foreigners?
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RE: Is it true that the Japanese don't really like foreigner

I found the Japanese people very friendly and dont think they hated me at all. I really dont think they mind gan-jins :D
by pu-san
Thu 12.07.2006 3:50 am
Forum: Japanese General Discussion
Topic: What languages do you know?
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RE: What languages do you know?

Wel.. I speak English (obviously) NZ english to be precise :P
And Spanish and now im learning Japanese :D
by pu-san
Thu 12.07.2006 3:45 am
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Hiya!
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Hi everyone.

My name is Hannah and I am new here.
I can speak English, Spanish and Im studying Japanese.

I love Japan and its culture. I recently just came back from there.. last month. I miss it!

Im from NZ (NEW ZEALAND) and yeah..thats pretty much me :)