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by DoitsuAmerican
Tue 05.31.2005 5:11 am
Forum: Grammar Questions and Problems
Topic: Pen Pal from Japan
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RE: Pen Pal from Japan

Your best bet's probably Japan Guide's pen friend site or something like that:
by DoitsuAmerican
Tue 05.31.2005 5:10 am
Forum: Grammar Questions and Problems
Topic: 「っていうか」って?
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Hi. I've been hearing this phrase a lot and I'm not sure how to take it:

っていうか [tte iu ka] or というか [to iu ka], and occasionally (seemingly) shortenned to てか [te ka].

Does anyone know what this means and how it's used?
by DoitsuAmerican
Wed 05.04.2005 1:52 pm
Forum: Japanese General Discussion
Topic: Open-ended Air Tickets
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Open-ended Air Tickets

Hi. I'm trying to get to Japan on a Working Holiday visa. So far I've called the Japanese embassy in Germany and everything fine. I'm just trying to get a ticket to Japan. I'm hoping to get an open-ended ticket, as I have no idea how long I'm going to stay there. I've called two travel agencies so f...