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by Midori Sento
Fri 07.06.2007 4:45 pm
Forum: Culture and Info about living in Japan
Topic: The Japanese Experience
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RE: The Japanese Experience

I am currently attending OSULA( ) I want to move to Japan and study there within the next 2 years. I have a few abroad schools in mind, I also have plans to go to Japan and study around fall of 08. I just can't decide which school to enroll myself in. There are 3 that caught my...
by Midori Sento
Wed 06.27.2007 2:40 pm
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Topic: Free Hugs \( ^ __ ^ )/
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Free Hugs \( ^ __ ^ )/

I Just saw these videos and I felt that I had to share it with you all. It is heart warming ( to me) to see that with just a simple gesture, you can make people smile and feel better about their day. I hope you enjoy and smile when you see these videos. HUGS from Los Angeles - Midori http://www.yout...
by Midori Sento
Mon 06.25.2007 11:21 pm
Forum: Culture and Info about living in Japan
Topic: Moving to Japan...
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RE: Moving to Japan...

wow... anyway, best of luck to the original poster, I too would like to go to Japan and live there for sometime, maybe even teach there at some point. I am planning to stay for an academic year ( student visa) through KCP int. It's not as expensive as most think, although it is costly. Maybe you sho...