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by Danyoru
Sun 05.21.2006 1:41 pm
Forum: 日本語の練習 (Practice Japanese)
Topic: Is this right?
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RE: Is this right?

seiryuu wrote: If you're a girl, shouldn't you use アタシ? Yes, you can use atashi if you are a girl. But it's usually used by young girls exclusively. Watashi : Both genders Boku : male Atashi : girl, young girl Ore : mainly male, boastful e.g. "Ore wa subete ga kachitoru!" (I'm going to achive every...
by Danyoru
Sun 05.21.2006 1:32 pm
Forum: 日本語の練習 (Practice Japanese)
Topic: A little help?
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RE: A little help?

wolfpawz6262 wrote:* = What's the japanese word for "life"?
"Jinsei" is the Japanese word for life.


"Sore ga jinsei da"

(That's life)
by Danyoru
Sat 05.20.2006 1:38 pm
Forum: Anime and Manga Discussions
Topic: Miyazaki Hayao
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RE: Miyazaki Hayao

Sachi wrote: punkgrl326 wrote: I heard he died just recently. Is this true or is it just another rumor? I mean he's only in his early 60's. He's too young to die :D Is this really true? I hope it's only a rumour. I love his movies. My favourite by far is Spirited Away with My neighbour Totoro comin...
by Danyoru
Fri 05.19.2006 2:29 pm
Forum: Japanese General Discussion
Topic: "Kure" wa nan desu ka?
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"Kure" wa nan desu ka?

I often hear the word "kure" in Japanese movies, especially in anime. Does anyone know what it mean exactly? In Princess Mononoke Ashitaka says to Hakul: "Koko de matte kure" Even without the "kure" you can guess the general meaning: "Wait here for me." So is "kure" like a personal word related to t...
by Danyoru
Tue 07.05.2005 1:12 pm
Forum: Anime and Manga Discussions
Topic: Tales of Symphonia
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Tales of Symphonia

Does anyone play the game "Tales of Symphonia", it's an anime RPG and it looks amazing!!! But I'm not a big RPG fan anymore so I'm a little unsure about getting it.
Does anyone know if it is available in Japanese with english subs?
by Danyoru
Tue 06.21.2005 1:36 pm
Forum: Anime and Manga Discussions
Topic: Favourite Godzilla film?
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Favourite Godzilla film?

My personal favourite is ゴジラ たい キングギドラ or, Godzilla vs King Ghidorah.
Ghidorah rules!!!:)
by Danyoru
Tue 06.21.2005 1:30 pm
Forum: Anime and Manga Discussions
Topic: Godzilla, anyone? ^_^;
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RE: Godzilla, anyone? ^_^;

I havent seen Final Wars yet, isn't it a remake of "Destroy All Monsters"?
The latest one I've seen is "Godzilla 2000".
I would love to watch Gojira in the original Japanese, but every damn Godzilla DVD I know of doesn't have that option!:@
by Danyoru
Tue 06.21.2005 1:25 pm
Forum: Japanese General Discussion
Topic: Coke with lemon?
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RE: Coke with lemon?

Pepsi is way better than coke.
If I can't get Pepsi max I usually get diet Pepsi/coke instead. Any cola without sugar tastes better, and it's a little healthier for your teeth.

Pepsi wa subarashi yo! :D
by Danyoru
Sun 06.19.2005 7:29 am
Forum: Learning Materials Reviews & Language Learning tips
Topic: Any Free Audio?
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RE: Any Free Audio?

Have you tried
It's free to join and you can listen to loads of audio.;)
by Danyoru
Sun 06.19.2005 7:17 am
Forum: Japanese General Discussion
Topic: Writing Japanese Neatly
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RE: Writing Japanese Neatly

Wow, that is reassuring.:D
Writing hiragana is so hard for me! It always looks sloppy and unbalanced!
by Danyoru
Sat 06.18.2005 3:39 pm
Forum: Anime and Manga Discussions
Topic: Godzilla, anyone? ^_^;
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Godzilla, anyone? ^_^;

Not strictly anime or manga, but does anyone like it? I know it's totally dumb with lame effects and chessy monsters...but thats what appeals to me! It actually kindled my desire to learn Japanese, rather than anime or manga.:D Well, It all started when a wide-eyed 11year boy old saw a trailer reel ...
by Danyoru
Sat 06.18.2005 11:43 am
Forum: Anime and Manga Discussions
Topic: favorite anime and manga
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RE: favorite anime and manga

Best Manga: 1.Dragonball/Z
2.Rurouni Kenshin

Best anime: Sen to Chihiro no kamakakushii (Spirited Away)
by Danyoru
Fri 06.17.2005 2:01 pm
Forum: Anime and Manga Discussions
Topic: whats better American Cartoons or Anime?
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RE: whats better American Cartoons or Anime?

It's hard to say. I love anime, it's such a unique artform.

But then there's Disney, the Godfather of animation and the inspiration for many anime artists, especially the renowned Hayao Miyazaki.
I like Disney best, but anime comes in close second...^_^
by Danyoru
Tue 06.14.2005 10:09 am
Forum: Anime and Manga Discussions
Topic: South park anime spoof...
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RE: South park anime spoof...

I love the chinpokomon episode! I know that Chinpoko is slang Japanese for penis, so does the 'chin-chin' mean 'pee-pee' or the equivelent?

The beginning of 'Let's fighting love'...


Subarashi chin-chin mono
Kintamano kame aru


Wonderful penis thing
My balls are hairy
by Danyoru
Mon 06.13.2005 1:33 pm
Forum: Grammar Questions and Problems
Topic: Naze and Doushite...?
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RE: Naze and Doushite...?

Umm...From experience of watching tons of Japanese movies, I'd say that doushite is used when talking directly to someone, eg 'doushiteno?', or 'doushitedesuka?': both mean: what's wrong?', 'what is it?' Whereas 'naze' literaly means 'why'. But I'm probably wrong, just my own personal observation......