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by Grayson
Fri 02.15.2008 1:55 am
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Topic: Genki and what to buy
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Genki and what to buy

Forgive my ignorance but from the research I've done so far, It seems like the Genki textbook line might be the best choice for me, a beginner in every way, with regards to learning to speak and read/write Japanese. However, I was curious about what exactly to buy. Should I get the textbook, the wor...
by Grayson
Fri 02.15.2008 1:47 am
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Topic: Introduction
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Hi. I stumbled across this site today and thought I'd join the forum here. I decided to start trying to learn Japanese on my own recently, and am just now beginning to learn hiragana, so I obviously have a long way to go. Anyway, pleased to meet everyone.