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by alarma
Wed 08.17.2005 2:03 pm
Forum: Translation Questions or Discussion
Topic: 晩 versus 夜
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RE: 晩 versus 夜

Hey everyone, Before this post gets too heated, I'd like to say a couple of things. Firstly, there are some things that are idiomatic, and as you have both said, that's not a bad thing. Problem with idiomatic things is that you have to memorize them and their context when you don't have a deep insti...
by alarma
Tue 07.26.2005 2:35 pm
Forum: Culture and Info about living in Japan
Topic: Do most of Japanese speak English ?
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RE: Do most of Japanese speak English ?

Well, let's see... most people in Japan speak some degree of English, but... they will be reluctant to speak it with you unless they have a fair amount of practice speaking English. Obviously this depends on where you go in Japan, but most Japanese people can understand basic English. I made the ass...
by alarma
Tue 07.26.2005 1:11 pm
Forum: Japanese General Discussion
Topic: What not to do and what is okay in Japan
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RE: What not to do and what is okay in Japan

hey JapaneseFanBoy... I can't give you a full run down but some useful pointers are: 1. say please and thank you for everything, and excuse me when you intrude or want to ask someone something, or when you inconvenience them in any way. 2. don't ever, ever lose your temper or raise your voice to any...
by alarma
Fri 07.15.2005 5:46 am
Forum: Culture and Info about living in Japan
Topic: Apartments in Japan
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RE: Apartments in Japan

Yeah, I agree with Harisenbon.... I think it's less an issue of racism and discrimination and more an issue of gaijin not adhering to certain aspects of japanese life. And also, if you have a job, they usually provide you with accomodation!! Although I went as a student for a while, I found off camp...