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by kokoro_shadow_angel
Mon 08.08.2005 4:12 am
Forum: Japanese General Discussion
Topic: Why You Want To Learn Japanese
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RE: Why You Want To Learn Japanese

why? well... it all started with BoA (okay, so she's korean...but she sang LOADS of japanese songs so for a few months, i actually thought she was japanese)...i LOVED her songs...and wanted to learn japanese just to understand them... later i found other artists...and wanted to understand them too.....
by kokoro_shadow_angel
Mon 08.08.2005 3:09 am
Forum: Japanese Language Proficiency Test
Topic: Advice on learning Kanji.
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RE: Advice on learning Kanji.

sooooo tru!!! i do that with japanese and my cousin does that with day we'll both be good enough to translate for each other... and its soooooo true...there's no feeling that'll ever be the same as listening to a song and realizing you understand it...its scary and happy at the same tim...
by kokoro_shadow_angel
Mon 08.08.2005 2:55 am
Forum: Introductions
Topic: はじめまして
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RE: はじめまして

hi there ^^ new too...once again, はじめました。 :)