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by Kates
Mon 07.31.2006 2:11 pm
Forum: Learning Materials Reviews & Language Learning tips
Topic: \6000/month for japanese conversation classes
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RE: \6000/month for japanese conversation classes

When I lived in a relatively large city a few years back, there were free classes at the library every Saturday. A lot of the 'students' were spouses of people employed at factories/businesses in the area. Perhaps you could check with a library nearby to see if something similar is available for you...
by Kates
Sat 07.22.2006 6:54 pm
Forum: 日本語の練習 (Practice Japanese)
Topic: Learning by example, WITH FUN (ANIME)!!!
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RE: Learning by example, WITH FUN (ANIME)!!!

Namakielin wrote:
ええ キングダム ハーシは ゼルダも 愛してる。
I see some mistakes. You wrote "ha-shi" not "ha-tsu." And it should be:
ええ キングダム・ハーツゼルだ愛してる。
Or probably "suki desu" over "ai shiteru".... never really asked anyone. >_> Can you "ai shiteru" a THING?
by Kates
Wed 07.19.2006 2:40 pm
Forum: Anime and Manga Discussions
Topic: Miyazaki Hayao
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RE: Miyazaki Hayao

"Cogliostro" is wonderful. ^_^ two_heads wrote: well the first is correct.. sono neko (ha) kimi no? = is that cat yours? so the hearing imparied was incorrect. That depends. If you've ever translated something with dialogue, you'll see how you sometimes have to transalte the meaning of the conversat...
by Kates
Wed 07.12.2006 10:00 am
Forum: Grammar Questions and Problems
Topic: HELP!
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I've always reminded Japanese-learning friends that imitaing anime would be like an English-learner imitating "Scooby-Do" or some other American cartoon. Yeah, there is some merit to it... you just have to be careful what you imitate. ^_^ I can see how soaps/dramas would be better because the actors...
by Kates
Tue 07.11.2006 8:07 pm
Forum: Grammar Questions and Problems
Topic: Country names
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RE: Country names

I like the kanji names for the countries, too, and now you've got me wondering--are these common-knowledge? Like, would a 6th grader know how to read them? Or are they somewhat obscure?

and danielcr, there's actually a longer name for "America": 亜米利加 (A-ME-RI-KA).
by Kates
Mon 07.10.2006 10:07 am
Forum: Anime and Manga Discussions
Topic: Sen to Chihiro kamikakushi
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RE: Sen to Chihiro kamikakushi

randomperson wrote: ill be watching it in japanese tonight, and see if its any better. It is, cuz there are no lame jokes ("Oh, a papercut!") and the Haku-secret isn't spoiled quite as early (HATED the timing inthe English version)--as well as other things. I was pretty disappointed with the Englis...
by Kates
Sat 07.08.2006 11:19 am
Forum: Japanese Language Proficiency Test
Topic: JLPT vocab lists (?)
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RE: JLPT vocab lists (?)

I think the reason for that is because the same 6,000 or 10,000 or what-have-you words are not used every year. There are differences, of course, from year-to-year so they cannot say exactly what words you need to know for the test--but they can give you an excellent start. The words they give you o...
by Kates
Fri 07.07.2006 6:28 pm
Forum: Translation Questions or Discussion
Topic: 2 mini questions
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RE: 2 mini questions

Seems you're right, Chris:
Wingardiam leviosa: ウィンガーディアム レビオーサ!

^^; I have a copy of 「ハリー・ポッターと賢者の石」 too. ^^ They used a different font too, on the example I found. (I haven't gotten around to reading it myself... ): so I don't know if they use the same throughout the book, but I assume so.)
by Kates
Fri 07.07.2006 11:32 am
Forum: Culture and Info about living in Japan
Topic: Kanji and japanese schools
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RE: Kanji and japanese schools

Schattenjedi wrote: It doesn't have to be an overwhelming experience. A lot of the beginner's level kanji are really easy. True... but "beginner's level kanji" only last for so long! The kanji Oyaji-san's son was studying would be around the 900-1000th kanji this boy has learned. I'm sure they are ...
by Kates
Fri 07.07.2006 11:26 am
Forum: Culture and Info about living in Japan
Topic: Learning Japanese in Japan
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RE: Learning Japanese in Japan

I would definately know hira and kata backwards and forwards before leaving. Also a lot of basic kanji (probably 200) would get you through the day without too many headaches. And, if you know what area you'll be in, learn the kanji for the cities in your area--that'll be a big help if you have to t...
by Kates
Fri 07.07.2006 11:23 am
Forum: Culture and Info about living in Japan
Topic: Kokoyakyu on PBS
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Kokoyakyu on PBS

I was recently informed about a 1 hr PBS special airing soon (in most areas?) about high school baseball in Japan--seems it focuses mainly on "Koshien," a HUGE H.S. baseball tournament held every summer in Japan. For those who don't know much about this event, you'll learn a lot if you get a chance ...
by Kates
Fri 07.07.2006 11:10 am
Forum: Anime and Manga Discussions
Topic: Where to get manga in Japanese?
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RE: Where to get manga in Japanese? is a pretty good store too. They even sell (really expensive >_< ) weekly publication subscriptions (like Shounen Sunday or Shounen Jump, etc).
by Kates
Thu 06.08.2006 4:13 pm
Forum: Translation Questions or Discussion
Topic: please help: what does "kimi no warui" mean ?!?
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RE: please help: what does "kimi no warui" mean ?!?

Question. I know 'warui/warukatta' can be used to say 'I'm sorry'... so my first thought, upon reading the topic title (without the 'basho'), was that 'kimi no warui' could mean 'your fault/your bad.' Or is 'warui' not used in that way?
by Kates
Thu 06.08.2006 4:08 pm
Forum: Culture and Info about living in Japan
Topic: What to see in Japan
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RE: What to see in Japan

Check out the Lonely Planet guides for Tokyo, Kyoto and Japan... I bought all three and used them extensively when I was there. There are great maps and photos, as well as helpful info on what to see and where to eat and etc, etc. ^_^ All the wonderful places already mentioned are in these books (of...
by Kates
Mon 06.05.2006 10:28 am
Forum: Anime and Manga Discussions
Topic: What volume of D.N.Angel in Japan?
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RE: What volume of D.N.Angel in Japan?

I went to and found info for book 11 , but no 12. 11 was published Aug 10, 2005... but apparently 10 was published on Feb 17, 2004... which is a really long time between publishings, in my mind. >_> (Unless I'm reading the site wrong....) Well, either way... looks like 11 is the most re...