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by ChihiroKun
Sun 09.18.2005 12:35 am
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Topic: From online comic, re: -よう and -だけ especially
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RE: From online comic, re: -よう and -だけ especially

You're pretty much correct in most areas, aside for minor irrelevant details. つけているようだ means that "seems to be putting on" So in this context, it would mean something like, "Fox seems to be putting on skill", although it literally doesnt make complete sense, thats the general idea.
by ChihiroKun
Sun 09.18.2005 12:08 am
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Hi everyone, my name is Chihiro and Im a Japanese college student currently residing in the US. I was born in Japan but moved to the states when I was little, so Im better at speaking English. Thankfully, I speak Japanese at home and watch/read a lot of Japanese stuff so my Japanese is pretty much f...