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by LixHenri
Sun 03.16.2008 1:22 pm
Forum: Anime and Manga Discussions
Topic: What's your favorite manga?
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Re: What's your favorite manga?

Fruit Basket is always one of my favorite mangas, Bleach and Naruto I read occasionally since the Anime is so dang slow.
by LixHenri
Sun 03.16.2008 1:14 pm
Forum: Japanese Movies and Music
Topic: What's your favorite Japanese 'Love Story' movie?
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Re: RE: What's your favorite Japanese 'Love Story' movie?

I don't need happy endings. Plenty of those on TV. I recently saw 'Sayonara Midori'. It's a difficult movie to watch in places because of the contempt the with which the main's boyfriend treats her, and her lack of ability to stand up for herself. However the karaoke scene at the end is one of the ...
by LixHenri
Sun 03.16.2008 1:06 pm
Forum: Japanese Movies and Music
Topic: J-pop and Rnb recommendations?
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Re: J-pop and Rnb recommendations?

For J-Pop: Younha has some nice Japanese pieces and her Korean pieces are also very nice. YUI has some very nice J-Pop and Rock songs since she's so awesome with the guitar. UVERworld has the same J-Pop/Rock to their music. Mikuni Shimokawa, I like her music too :) Maaya Sakamoto, she's very awesome...
by LixHenri
Sun 03.16.2008 12:58 pm
Forum: Japanese Movies and Music
Topic: Japanese music
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Re: Japanese music

I mainly listen to J-Pop and now a lot of J-Rock. I began experimenting with J-Rock about a year ago and now I love it.
My favorite bands are, Ellegarden, Base Ball Bear, The Pillows, Snowkel, ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATIONS and An Cafe every now and then.