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by loganeer
Thu 01.05.2006 3:47 am
Forum: Culture and Info about living in Japan
Topic: Geisha
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RE: Geisha

Hollywood has a bad habit of using actors that aren't geographically or ethnically correct. For Instance: Dragonheart: Sean Connery as a dragon? I didnt buy it for a second Star Wars I-III: Natalie Portland from Naboo? I doubt it Terminator 1-3: Schwarzenegger from the future...certainly, but from w...
by loganeer
Thu 01.05.2006 2:12 am
Forum: Japanese General Discussion
Topic: Whats wrong with america?!?!?!?
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RE: Whats wrong with america?!?!?!?

We all seem like moderately worldly people and it seems as though most of your have done your fair share of travelling. So, what I don't understand is why some of you seemed to have picked American people as the stupid ones. I've been to a number of places around the globe and theres only one thing ...