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by KusuKusu
Sat 06.06.2009 12:40 pm
Forum: Learning Materials Reviews & Language Learning tips
Topic: Learning to think in Japanese using Sticky Notes?
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Re: Learning to think in Japanese using Sticky Notes?

I do that ALL the time! Some time last week I had a sheet of paper and drew my dog, then around it I wrote sentences about what I think when I see her. :lol: Then I had latin revision to do and so on my sheet of paper I was writing in Japanese about how difficult I thought it was and how i'd never l...
by KusuKusu
Sun 05.17.2009 12:19 pm
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Hello everyone
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Hello everyone

I've been learning Japanese for a little while now and this site is one of the ones that help me a lot so I decided to join.

I hope to make lots of friends and learn lots of Japanese!