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by cyberimp
Wed 10.04.2006 8:16 am
Forum: Translation Questions or Discussion
Topic: help with logo translation
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RE: help with logo translation

Mike Cash wrote: Unfortunately, that introduces hiragana into the picture, which for those who want a pretty kanji picture can be a jarringly unsightly element. When kanji and hiragana are written in very calligraphic way(like "grassy script", that is very artistic, but hard-to-understand), there i...
by cyberimp
Sat 08.12.2006 9:56 am
Forum: 英語の練習
Topic: "wuz good"
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RE: "wuz good"

Reno wrote:
How the hell do people wanna learn Japanese in English if they cant even understand English?!
Well..."understanding" and "writing in very bad way" are different terms, isn't they?
by cyberimp
Mon 05.22.2006 1:31 pm
Forum: Grammar Questions and Problems
Topic: "yo"
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RE: "yo"

I heard somewhere, that women use "わよ" instead "よ" to show emotion. Is it right?
by cyberimp
Tue 03.21.2006 4:03 am
Forum: Grammar Questions and Problems
Topic: counter for islands
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RE: counter for islands

and there is counter for cannons - 門(モン). Medieval Japanese battleships had litlle "gates" on every hole for cannon, and if that "gates" was closed, you could only count cannons looking at that "gates".
by cyberimp
Sun 02.12.2006 5:10 am
Forum: Introductions
Topic: I need Japanese friends
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RE: I need Japanese friends

Dimitar, try :)