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by mella
Mon 08.15.2011 1:17 pm
Forum: Grammar Questions and Problems
Topic: -さ
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Reading しおんの王, I found this sentence. I can grasp the meaning, but I don't understand this ending -さ
by mella
Mon 08.02.2010 2:59 pm
Forum: Anime and Manga Discussions
Topic: japanese subtitle
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Re: japanese subtitle

I would like to view Naruto, Maison Ikkoku, Bleach, Death Note, Slam Dunk. But every anime with subs fit my needs because it helps me to improve at japanese^^
by mella
Mon 08.02.2010 2:54 pm
Forum: Translation Questions or Discussion
Topic: Pluto wiki sentence
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Pluto wiki sentence

I was trying to read the wiki article about Pluto manga. My grammar is still very poor. Could you help me to analyze this sentence?
I know all this kanji, but I can only guess the meaning. Tk for your reply!
by mella
Mon 08.02.2010 2:51 pm
Forum: Anime and Manga Discussions
Topic: Anime subs
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Anime subs

Is there any website where I could find jap subs for anime?