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Dear Postman Clay

Spotted any errors or found anything that doesn't work?

Dear Postman Clay

Postby Clochi » Mon 03.10.2008 10:32 pm

I don't know why, but i got message in inbox - not addressed to me :S
It a message from SJT to coco, so i have no idea why i got it.
Anyway, i just wanted to let you know if this is a error you didn't know about.

I am gonna send the message to back to coco.
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Re: Dear Postman Clay

Postby richvh » Mon 03.10.2008 10:36 pm

The message was sent to coco and "registered users", in other words, everyone.
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Re: Dear Postman Clay

Postby Zeo » Tue 03.11.2008 12:10 pm

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