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signature issues.

Spotted any errors or found anything that doesn't work?

signature issues.

Postby phreadom » Sat 03.15.2008 11:27 am

As a follow up to my last post in the PHPBB Avatars thread, I did a little more testing and found the following...

It appears that changing your signature in drupal forces that change through to your phpbb signature, but it breaks any bbcode formatting in the process. ie; if you set bbcode formatting in drupal, it will be saved in your phpbb signature, but will not work. Your signature with the bbcode showing will show up on your posts to the forum as though bbcode were disabled. Simply going into your phpbb account settings and re-submitting the signature will cause the bbcode to work correctly again.

Also, when making changes to the phpbb signature, they are not saved to the drupal signature. So ideally if you are going to set a signature in both, you should set your drupal version first, then go into phpbb and set that one.

To make that clear:
Changes to the phpbb signature are not saved to the drupal signature.
Changes to the drupal signature are saved to the phpbb signature and overwrite it. Any bbcode used will not function until the signature is edited/saved in phpbb.

Hope this helps! :)
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Re: signature issues.

Postby njt » Tue 03.18.2008 12:15 pm

Just want to say, thanks for the troubleshooting you've done :)
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