Macintosh issue

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Macintosh issue

Post by crowfeather » Sun 03.30.2008 5:42 pm

I just bought a Mac and I am having a problem with the Japanese font. I am using Safari. The Apple tech's were no help.

I activated the Japanese by going to "International-->Language -checked "Japanese" from the list--> input- checked Kotoeri ( but not romaji, hiragana or katakana)--> checked "show input menu in menu bar". However, the only language icon on the menu bar is the American flag.

I can type in kana and kanji in a word document.

I have visited a couple of Japanese web sites that do not show the kana or kanji. They have strange looking hieroglyphics . Is there some thing I should do to have them show in Japanese?
Also I can't figure out how to toggle back and forth between English and Japanese when I am typing

Any help would be deeply appreciated

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