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Can you help with a problem?

Spotted any errors or found anything that doesn't work?

Re: Can you help with a problem?

Postby misterjam » Wed 05.28.2008 5:18 am

I've been incredibly impressed at the blinding speed at which you guys dealt with this problem. If the Fortune 500 companies had customer service as good as yours, their stock prices would be zooming upwards rather than tumbling!
Yours, impressed
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Re: Can you help with a problem?

Postby Oni » Wed 05.28.2008 3:06 pm

You're welcome.
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Re: Can you help with a problem?

Postby clay » Wed 05.28.2008 7:57 pm

I missed a lot during my traveling!

Misterjam, sorry for the trouble, but THANK YOU very much for pointing it out.
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