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hiragana flash card page

Spotted any errors or found anything that doesn't work?

hiragana flash card page

Postby gamecarnivor » Mon 11.28.2005 12:15 am

im not sure but i think the hiragana flash card page is not working i will select a set of hiragana and press start but it still gives me a prompt saying select set of hiragana?:(
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RE: hiragana flash card page

Postby ParanoiaK3 » Mon 11.28.2005 3:35 am

That happens to me, I think it's just a site-bug. Oh well, there's plenty of other websites! :-D

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RE: hiragana flash card page

Postby clay » Sun 01.01.2006 12:17 am

Yes, I made several Javascript pages like that years ago when I pretended to know JavaScript. I will see if I can't get that to work with current browsers. Does it work with IE?
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RE: hiragana flash card page

Postby Sachi » Thu 01.12.2006 5:49 pm

Mm, the same thing happend to me with the 4kyuu kanji quiz. I use Safari, but have also tried that page on IE, and it still doesn't work. The 3kyuu quiz does, though I'm not up to that kanji level yet ;)
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