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Question about learning japanese.

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Question about learning japanese.

Postby Master_Pvic » Tue 01.03.2006 3:45 am

Back in the day of early grade school, I had a problem with dyslexia. I had difficulty remembering how to spell words and etc. Learning it was extreamly frustraiting and affected my grades. It was around the 7th grade when I was finally able to shake it off, and it all started sticking in. Right now I’m finishing up my junior year in High school and I’m doing excellent in English.

But my question is, will I have an equal or worst problem learning Japanese?

Will my old dyslexia affect learning a new language or am I done with that problem?

Thanks for your time!
Im currently a compleate noob in japanese language. =(
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RE: Question about learning japanese.

Postby Isao » Tue 01.03.2006 3:49 am

You don't describe much about your problems. In what parts of learning are you having problems ?
But, trying harder is always a BEST methods to learn anythings. I SWEAR !!! :D:D:D
Good Luck Learning Japanese ! Ganbatte mo ii ?
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RE: Question about learning japanese.

Postby Infidel » Tue 01.03.2006 4:42 am

dyslexia doesn't exist in Japan, or China for that matter. Since Kanji are pictures, if highly stylized, they utilize the right brain instead of the left. And since dyslexic people have no problems in their right brain, that means no problem for you. You might suffer some problem if taking a course in roumaji but once you graduate to kanji you shouldn't have any problems since you don't spell words, you draw them. Philosophically, there is no practical difference between the two, but mechanically, that's how the brain works.

And sorry to counter Isao's comment, but trying harder is not always the best method to learn anything. If you're having difficulties using one method, trying another is usually the most efficient way to go. Trying harder is often a waste of time and builds bad habits. When you start experiencing brain strain, that means it's time to take a break.
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RE: Question about learning japanese.

Postby Master_Pvic » Tue 01.03.2006 2:54 pm

alright thanks! the position of the brain thing dose make alot of sense.
i just need to get threw phase one lol

thanks again
Im currently a compleate noob in japanese language. =(
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RE: Question about learning japanese.

Postby OT86 » Thu 01.05.2006 11:27 am

Pvic -

My sister has always been dyslexic (spelling?) and it's affected her study throughout school (well it did, she's 22 now)

however, she's always been very "arty" (with regards to art and music) and has a lot of talent there. I think there's a lot of truth in what Ishnar said - it's to do with how your brain works.

If you're anything like my sister, you may have difficulty learning the theory side of the language, such as the word order, verb conjugation and so on, but these are things that are tricky for most people at first, so don't be discouraged if you have trouble. Remember that once you've mastered these, you only really need vocabulary to be able to communicate (albeit fairly simply) and that's the fun part - learning new words / Kanji, etc.

Your best bet is to start off reading a bit about the history of the Japanese language, in the hope that it'll help you understand why it's like it is. Sure, it's very different to English, but it's likely that's exactly what attracted you to it in the first place. It's actually a very logical language once you get into it - just try not to compare it to English too much.

In short: Study at a pace that suits you. Don't try to run before you can walk. Remember that it takes time and dedication to become proficient in any language.

Also, if you ever get stuck, just ask somebody on here (they're a helpful bunch ;) )
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