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Wanted: Search!

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Wanted: Search!

Postby Milmi » Mon 03.27.2006 4:34 pm

Would it be possible to get a search in this forum?

It would be very helpful when looking for a certain piece of information (or is there already a thread about it) as the subjects/titles of threads are usually not-so-informative, for example the subject of a thread may be 'plz!! Help me!!' and the discussion is about finding a good hotel in Yokohama... So when you want to know does a discussion that handles the information you're looking for exist, you have scroll and check every thread in category. Most of people tend not do this and they just start a new topic and as result there are ten threads about the same thing. So my request is: A search that covers the whole forum.

Kind of related to search: Now when you click on 'View Recent Threads' link, the result that search gives excludes the category in where the threads are. I find it quite hard to find these threads afterwards while I don't know where to look for. Of course it's obvious that a thread covering t-form of verbs, is somewhere in Grammar Questions and Problems... But it wouldn't be too difficult to put those categories in there, would it? It would make finding certain threads later much simpler.
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RE: Wanted: Search!

Postby aKuMu » Mon 03.27.2006 4:41 pm

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RE: Wanted: Search!

Postby Zeo » Mon 03.27.2006 6:23 pm

:D aKuMu looks and finds :D There is a search button in the "navigation" also. ;)
So look a little, and *poff* we find :D ^^
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RE: Wanted: Search!

Postby Milmi » Mon 03.27.2006 6:31 pm

Whoops... I've never scrolled the main page of the forum to the bottom...

That's definitely in the wrong place! New request: move the search in the beginning of the forum main index. :D Then people don't have to search for search.
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RE: Wanted: Search!

Postby kohana » Mon 03.27.2006 7:35 pm

I agree, at first I wanted to search the site and I couldn't find the search! (I found it finally, hidden in the navigation bar. ^^) And I never noticed the forum search... O_O
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RE: Wanted: Search!

Postby tanuki » Mon 03.27.2006 9:13 pm

Amazing, I never knew there was a search function! Sometimes I looked for it and didn't find it, and I always forgot to ask. That should definitely be in a more visible place!
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