Zengargoyle san

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RE: Zengargoyle san

Post by coco » Mon 07.03.2006 6:11 pm



zenさん ありがとう!

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RE: Zengargoyle san

Post by zengargoyle » Mon 07.03.2006 6:22 pm

there's even easy BBCode for links (without the spaces):
[ wiki ]Page Name[ /wiki ]
[ wiki=Page Name]Alternate Text[ /wiki ]

Main Page
Visit the Wiki

i sorta meant to organize a bit better and get some more content in before going full public, but as slow as i am sometimes it's probably better just to get people started.
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RE: Zengargoyle san

Post by kanadajin » Mon 07.03.2006 6:25 pm

and thanks for all the users who make it what it is.
you mean and thanks to kanadajin who makes it what it is :P

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RE: Zengargoyle san

Post by clay » Mon 07.03.2006 7:41 pm

Let's keep the momentum up on the Wiki project. There are a few neat projects like Infidel's Textbook database and Randomperson & Zen-san's work with the Grammar pages.

If any one has any ideas, let's bring it to the table. I can't imagine what this could become, but I am sure it can become something really neat.

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