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'Newest Threads'

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'Newest Threads'

Postby b4d0m3n » Wed 07.19.2006 5:53 am

I don't really like complaining, but lately I've been quite ticked off. Is it possible to block off-topic threads from appearing in the 'Newest Threads' object to the left? When I joined up I enjoyed this feature, because it (usually) led me to interesting and current topics, but when half the damn threads on it are 'Let's post pics, lol' or 'Anime r00lz - LETZ TALK ANIME', it becomes a heck of a lot less useful. This especially in the context of a Japanese learning website.

Come on. I'm sick of off-topic. I understand that people like the sub-forum, and that's fine (although I personally don't visit it), but can we keep it out of the main page?
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