TJP on wikipedia

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TJP on wikipedia

Post by ashitaka » Thu 07.27.2006 9:28 pm

I just found out the most disturbing thing ever! TJP is not on
I think we should add it to wikipedia to gain more minions in our army of nihongo scholars.

We already have Tony on wikipedia, and harisonbon was on it for almost a week. (taken off to be linked to some article on trees)

Would anyone be willing to help make a wiki article?

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RE: TJP on wikipedia

Post by Oyaji » Thu 07.27.2006 9:50 pm

I have mixed feelings. Of course it would be great if this site became even more popular, and more people were able to benefit from our wonderful collective wisdom ;) , but so far we have been able to avoid being overrun by the riffraff that often pollute sites dealing with Japan. I would hate to see that change. Definitely worth some thought though.

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RE: TJP on wikipedia

Post by oKawa » Thu 07.27.2006 10:11 pm

I kind of agree with Oyaji, I'd like to keep this site for myself!!:D

No, seriously, though I think it's nice, but the great wiki also get's it's problems. The other thing is yes, the riffraff, spammers, and just people who want to be rude. I've been in forums on MyS... and they have been ridden with people who only want to be disruptive and childish, I'm sure it's common, but it seem uncontrollable in MyS...

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RE: TJP on wikipedia

Post by Budomaru » Thu 07.27.2006 10:43 pm

ashitaka, no offense but have you noticed how fast the member count goes up? ;) i'd say this site is popular enough - i'd rather let it grow slow and mature properly.
You know you've been hanging around a forum too long when people start quoting you and agreeing :P

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RE: TJP on wikipedia

Post by tanuki » Thu 07.27.2006 11:28 pm

I agree with what has been said.

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