WagaWiki policies.

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WagaWiki policies.

Post by paul_b » Sat 08.05.2006 5:28 am

How near (or not) will WagaWiki policies be to those of Wikipedia?

Take for example the Wikipedia:Editing policy

A WagaWiki page recently had a significant section deleted because the content was not finalised. In my opinion it would have been more appropriate to mention that it was not finalised and update it later.

I have created a blank WagaWiki Policies page as encouragement to start thinking about such things.

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RE: WagaWiki policies.

Post by zengargoyle » Sat 08.05.2006 6:03 am

oh really? i thought i kept up with most of the changes on the wiki, and i didn't notice anything going away... what page/section?

but yes, we probably do need to have a discussion some time about policies and such. and maybe decide on licensing type issues. i would sorta like to choose one of the Creative Commons http://creativecommons.org licenses or something similar to the Wikipedia license that allows others to quote or take excerpts as long as they give credit to the source...

somehow, i don't look forward to the discussion... :)

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