WagaWiki's Logo Thread

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Chris Hart
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RE: WagaWiki's Logo Thread

Post by Chris Hart » Sat 09.16.2006 2:27 pm

zengargoyle wrote:
Chris Hart wrote:
If we had a color scheme with a Black background, I would really like #s 10 and 11. Especially if the text of the page were set to phosphor green. (as the logo is)
actually.... on the WagaWiki you can tweak the theme to your hearts content. it just isn't necessarily easy unless you're familiar with CSS/Javascript.

See http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Gallery_of_user_styles for some examples of what other people have done themewise.

See http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/User_styles for the gory details of how to make your own.

basically, if your preferences are set for the default Monobook theme, you can go to User:Your User Name/monobook.css and put in any CSS you like. any Javascript goes in User:Your User Name/monobook.js
Is there any way to apply those themes to this page? I like the one of the wiki you pictured better than the one I currenlty am using on this page. (Chromium)

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RE: WagaWiki's Logo Thread

Post by zengargoyle » Sat 09.16.2006 4:27 pm

PHP-Fusion doesn't natively support user defined themes.

but if you use Firefox, you can edit your chrome/userContent.css file and add any custom CSS you like. for example:

/* ~/.mozilla/firefox/default.f2h/chrome/userContent.css */
@-moz-document domain(http://www.thejapanesepage.com) {
/* force all links to be red. */
a { color: red !important; }

i don't know how you would accomplish the same with MSIE, but there's probably a way, user customization is the reason for CSS...

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