some additions/correction to grammar lessons

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some additions/correction to grammar lessons

Post by xdj220 » Fri 05.13.2005 6:50 pm

Hey, whew, first post here. First of all, I wanted to say that this is by far the best Japanese resource on the net, and because of that, I felt the need as a fellow student of Japanese to note some errors to try to make the site better:

The section on 'but' should probably explain that it's actually more common in general to say verb+ga or verb+kedo to mean 'but', though this can also go at the end of a sentence to make it seem less harsh.

About the way to say 'very' - totemo is almost never used nowadays (at least among young people), though it seems to be the standard thing to teach. Generally they will say majide, which means something like 'seriously'. Chou- seems kind of girly, but maybe that's just me.

About how to say 'because': nazenara before the sentence is optional, and is almost never used. Also, it would be good to note that when giving multiple reasons, you use -shi, and not kara or node.

To become - it would be good to note that to become an i adjective, you have to modify the adjective with the -ku suffix, ie, ureshiku naru. This seems to be a pretty big oversight.

About saying 'must do', it would be good to mention the other common way to say it, ie '-nakucha (ikemasen)'.

In the big article on the potential form, there is one error, namely that mieru does NOT mean 'can see'. It means 'to be visible' (there's a difference). A similar verb is 'kikoeru' meaning 'can be heard'.

There's a lot of things missing, but I just assume you're going to add them later. It would be really, really good to add the section on -ndesu
and a section on the informal volitional form (-yoo/roo etc.) as it's damned hard to understand normal spoken Japanese without knowing them. Well, I hope this is informative/helpful and can be used a bit to help the site.
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