Chat software update soon

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Chat software update soon

Post by zengargoyle » Wed 10.18.2006 12:36 am

just a bit of warning for those who use the chat...

there's a new version of the chat server software out, and as soon at i test it a bit here at work, i'll be taking down the TJP chat server for a while to install the new software. probably there will be no noticable changes... but if the server goes down in the next few days, it's probably me. :)

i've been meaning to add the JWChat web-chat software to the server, but i have to do a little bit of hacking to make it work with the current hosting provider. i'm in contact with some of the ejabberd/yaws developers trying to figure out the best way to hack things up to work with the current hosting provider. basically, the way the current web-chat software does it's logging would quickly use up all of the available disk space on the limited hosting plan that the chat server is currently using. things would be *so* much easier if we had a true virtual host somewhere, but that would cost much more $$. so i'm working with the developers to squeeze the web-chat software so that it works well with a cheap hosting plan.... be patient. :)

also in the works, a online-status icon (like the skype thingy) that you could put in your signature to show your current status. and (cross-fingers), the Flash people have finally put out a library of XMPP/Jabber stuff that's compliant with the standard, so someday soon there may be an actual Flashchat application that will work without hacking up the server to work with the old broken Flash libraries.

the voice-chat stuff (libjingle) is still going strong, there have been a couple of RFC proposals sent to the IETF people for VoIP via Jabber. in the next few months i expect a few more clients that can do P2P voice chat and maybe even conference-like group chat via XMPP/Jabber servers.

* upgrading chat sometime soon, probably won't notice anything...
* web-chat coming as soon as i can fix logging problems...
* online-status icons sometime soon.
* cross your fingers for voice-chat... if you're skilled enough to use a new client :)

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