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Recent Posting Problems

Spotted any errors or found anything that doesn't work?

Recent Posting Problems

Postby zengargoyle » Sun 10.29.2006 6:38 am


get this!!!

PHP-Fusion had the post_id column of the database set to smallint which is limited to 65535. well, we have more than 65535 posts now! woot!

so new posts were failing because it couldn't create a bigger number. i changed the column to a plain 'int' which should give us up to 4294967295 posts.

at least i'm pretty sure that is what was going on.

seems to have worked....
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RE: Recent Posting Problems

Postby ss » Sun 10.29.2006 7:12 am

>>> 4294967295 posts. :o

A for arigatou
D for dancing
H for horse

testing .... ;)
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RE: Recent Posting Problems

Postby clay » Sun 10.29.2006 7:26 am

The Dancin' Horse does it again.

EDIT: It worked
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RE: Recent Posting Problems

Postby tanuki » Sun 10.29.2006 8:22 am

4294967295 posts? At this rate, that's only giving us a rough estimate of 131071 years without problems! Don't you think about our great-great-great-great-great-....-great-grandchildren?
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RE: Recent Posting Problems

Postby ashitaka » Thu 11.30.2006 11:25 am

Well actually if you include the average post counts plus new members and returning members it would be 131070.9999999998 years.
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RE: Recent Posting Problems

Postby miho-sempai » Thu 11.30.2006 1:02 pm

That's still a long time. xD
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RE: Recent Posting Problems

Postby datdo » Thu 11.30.2006 2:57 pm

....why would you use a smallint? Conserve space? Minimalism? what makes a smallint better than an int?
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