Password Trouble...

Spotted any errors or found anything that doesn't work?
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Zinzo 2
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Password Trouble...

Post by Zinzo 2 » Fri 11.03.2006 5:21 pm

I haven't been here in so long that I've forgotten my password to "Zinzo"... Is there anyway I could get this back? Just a thought, but is an administrator able to send the password to my e-mail? Help on this topic is appreciated! :D

(I feel so dumb... :()
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I forgot my password for Zinzo! >.<

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RE: Password Trouble...

Post by zengargoyle » Fri 11.03.2006 5:26 pm

have you tried the 'forgotten password' link? it should be somewhere in the login box and should give you a new password (if you remember the email address you used to signup with).

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RE: Password Trouble...

Post by Zinzo » Fri 11.03.2006 6:57 pm

Well, I just remembered the password. And guess what, it was the same one I used for Zinzo 2... I feel twice as dumb now. Sorry for the inconveniance! :D
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