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problem with gaku kanji page

Spotted any errors or found anything that doesn't work?

problem with gaku kanji page

Postby jinksys » Tue 07.05.2005 2:31 am


One of the examples does not have a romanji or english translation.
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RE: problem with gaku kanji page

Postby zengargoyle » Tue 07.05.2005 3:27 am

if you look closely, the example after the 'blank' one is the same example. so it's probably just an accidental double entry in the database.

Japanese: 科学は観察に基づいている。
Romaji: Kagaku wa kansatsu ni motodzuiteiru.
Literal: Science observation on is founded.
English: Science is founded upon observation.
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RE: problem with gaku kanji page

Postby clay » Thu 07.07.2005 10:27 am

Thanks, I will delete the bad one. Please let me know if you find others.

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