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Postby Taseea_Bat » Thu 07.07.2005 8:51 pm

I've only just started learning japanese so this might be a silly question. I was learning some of the hiragana and one of the pages said told you what red was (it had three characters) but on the colour vocabulary page the word for red was different with only 1 character.

Are they different alphabets? I'm really new to this and i get easily confused so could someone plz help me?
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RE: confused

Postby clay » Thu 07.07.2005 9:36 pm

Red is あか aka but it is an -i adjective so basically you add the -i (あかい akai) when it is before nouns. For example: あかいくつ。 akai kutsu is 'red+shoe' so it has an -i added. However, there are some words that are used so much that become a word in themselves. In those cases the -i is dropped. For example: 青空 ao zora (blue skies)

Without a noun you can say これはあか kore wa aka or これはあかい kore wa akai both are fine and both mean 'this is red'

So I guess if it helps to simplify things, just remember akai as being red for now.
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RE: confused

Postby Maikuru » Thu 07.07.2005 9:36 pm

人 = JIN/hito = person....

You probably saw the kanji of red....

As far as I know there 3 japanese alphabets.... well 2 really.... Hiragana and katakana... the third alphabet is chinese characters which is called kanji that the japanese use.....

Though i wonder do the chinese use them to but mabye for different meanings.... OR mabye not different meanings but they pronounce it differently.
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RE: confused

Postby Taseea_Bat » Sat 07.09.2005 1:12 pm

Arigatou! (he he iv been waiting to use that)

I think i understand better now.
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