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Google Ads

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Google Ads

Postby jinksys » Fri 07.08.2005 7:17 am


I am in the process of starting a website that will have a good amount of traffic and was wondering about ads. What kind of revenue does google ads bring in? You dont have to give numbers, but Id like to know whether its worth my time. Also, does Google provide CPM ads to new Adsense members?
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RE: Google Ads

Postby njt » Sun 08.14.2005 7:47 am

I know this is to clay, but it really depends on the hits you get to your site. A friend of mine that gets in around 1 million hits a day, gets around 70.00 a day from google ads... another friend, that gets MUCH lesson averaged around 3-4 to sometimes 10 a day....
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RE: Google Ads

Postby clay » Sun 08.14.2005 9:12 am

I have had great experience with Google adsense (and adwords for advertising). I used to just advertise with Amazon, which was kind of nice since I could make recommendations, but when I heard about Adsense a few years ago, I put a single link on the front page. After one day I had earned about a months worth of Amazon links throughout the site! Maybe I wasn't effectively using the Amazon links, but it convinced me to take down 99% of the amazon links and put a google ad on each page.

I am still paying Google more for advertising the store, but it is almost an even trade.

I did notice it used to be better than it is now. I think they may have changed the way they calculate things, but it is still much better than any other ad source for me.

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