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Study Buddy 8D

Feel free to practice writing in Japanese or romaji. Help each other out with corrections or replying back in Japanese

Study Buddy 8D

Postby SerpentPanda » Thu 01.03.2008 1:37 pm

Hello, I'm looking for a study buddy to help me with some Japanese.

I'm 12 years old currently studying for JLPT 4. Because of my age, I don't have any textbooks at the moment, lol. My parents are about to get me Genki though. I'm lacking a tiny bit of grammar points and a lot of vocabulary, otherwise I could pass the level 4 exams.

My yahoo is electricfur123@yahoo.com. I'm looking for people close to my level, (4-3 kyuu), but anyone is fine. I need somebody to study with, though. We can type Japanese sentences, translate things, etc etc etc.

ADD ME ._.
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RE: Study Buddy 8D

Postby everdream » Thu 01.03.2008 1:54 pm

I'll add you!
(I'm 14, close in age too ;) )
I'm tempted_confusion@btinternet.com
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RE: Study Buddy 8D

Postby Miyu-rin » Tue 01.08.2008 10:44 pm

Hey, I'll add you too! <3 (Is 13)
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RE: Study Buddy 8D

Postby gyuunyuu luvr » Fri 01.18.2008 2:10 am

Count me in. I'm yonkyuu level. ;)
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