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Re: Sentence Structure help

Post by Yudan Taiteki » Thu 01.22.2009 10:23 pm

私は今日はできないけど、明日はできるかもしれない sounds completely normal to me given the right context.
-Chris Kern

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Re: Sentence Structure help

Post by Mür » Fri 01.23.2009 6:35 am

Quote from the Dictionary Of Basic Japanese Grammar:

When more than one wa appears in a sentence, as in "X wa Y wa Z wa...", the first wa is usually understood to be the topic marker, the second wa is more contrastive than the first one, the third one is more contrastice than the second, and so on.

And in negative sentences it is used as a comtrastive wa. (This I know)

So it is contrastive. I understand contrastive as a subordinate, and for me your examples are this.

And I said:
Mür wrote:You're talking about compost sentences, then, of course there can be two wa, one per verb. And contrast wa is also possible, more than one wa in a simple sentence. (I don't know what nomenclature is used is Enligh for this grammar)
And for me your example is:

私は [今日はできないけど、] [明日はできるかもしれない]

So, 1st wa is the topic, ant the others are in subordinates as a contrastive wa.

Maybe the fault was mine for not specifying that I meant "there can't be 2 topic wa in a sentence, but contrastives do"

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