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Talk about_blah game

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Talk about_blah game

Postby kentaku_sama » Tue 04.07.2009 1:31 am

Ok so here's how it works some one starts off by saying a japanese word, then the next person describes it in one sentence. then the next person takes one of the words in the description and describes it all in japanese.
I'll start.

黒い犬 Now describe it in one sentence. ^^ :D
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Re: Talk about_blah game

Postby AJBryant » Tue 04.07.2009 1:54 am

That's two words.
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Re: Talk about_blah game

Postby gabi in japan » Tue 04.07.2009 3:45 am

Sorry, I think we have enough games on TJP at the moment, but it's a good idea. Maybe after one of the other games has died, because if there are too many, I think everyone will be too confused, sorry.
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