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Re: 投稿練習

Postby JohtoKen » Sat 07.10.2010 2:22 pm

NileCat wrote:I have no idea what the Jamba Juice is. Is it a person? (who conduct the interview)
or, do you mean 13日に大学のジャンバジュースの面接を受けるんだ。?
(You would work for the Jamba Juice?)

Jamba Juice is a smoothie place, so yeah, I'm going to be interviewed by an employer to see if I'm eligible for the job.

NileCat wrote:If the line in the movie was delivered by Agnes, it should be
アグネス言った or アグネス言った or アグネス言った
If Margo and Agnes said it together,

Thanks for the correction. And no, it was just Agnes saying the line. It's real funny, though, especially when you start seeing it all over the internet (so much that one of my friends is sick of it lol).

NileCat wrote:もっと書きたいけど would be more natural.

Again, thanks for the corrections. It's been some time since I've written an entry. Maybe I should keep writing more so that way, I can improve a lot.
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