Some informal sentences

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Some informal sentences

Post by Mr.Paper » Fri 09.18.2009 5:38 pm

kodomo ga ore wa datta to piza wa dake kononda na.

When I was a kid, I used to only like pizza.

ore wa taberu koto ga hodo dekiru ga futonai.

I can eat as much as I want and not get fat.

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Yudan Taiteki
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Re: Some informal sentences

Post by Yudan Taiteki » Fri 09.18.2009 6:11 pm

Mr.Paper wrote:kodomo ga ore wa datta to piza wa dake kononda na.

When I was a kid, I used to only like pizza.
kodomo no toki, [ore wa] piza dake suki datta.

(This use of "na" is strange unless you're talking to someone who you think would already know that you only ate pizza as a kid.)
-Chris Kern

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Re: Some informal sentences

Post by NocturnalOcean » Fri 09.18.2009 6:17 pm

The sentences doesn't make much sense, but given your English sentences I will give a suggestion.

1. kodomo no toki, piza shika suki janakatta.

Kodomo no toki is a very common phrase which loosely means "when I was kid".
shika is used after noun when you want mark only(nothing but), with shika you have to use negative conjugation.

2. Suki na dake tabetemo futoranai. Or possibly "Donna ni tabetemo futoranai"

In the first sentence, I have used a construction with dake. It can be loosely translated to "as much as".
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Re: Some informal sentences

Post by AJBryant » Fri 09.18.2009 7:12 pm

Among other issues, I really recommend you lose your fixation with "ore" unless you like getting in fights with total strangers.


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