because (by means ) of a partcular(type of)...

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Re: because (by means ) of a partcular(type of)...

Post by coco » Mon 03.29.2010 4:42 am

Hektor6766 wrote:I noticed you used 投獄された. Would 投獄させられた be appropriate?
Now, you must be aware of the difference between 彼は投獄させられた and 彼は投獄された. :)

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Re: because (by means ) of a partcular(type of)...

Post by Hektor6766 » Tue 03.30.2010 5:22 am

私はその接尾語が短縮形の受身の使役動詞気がするで、Tae Kimさん(の考え方が、母語話者として存ずる事、外国人出来るだけ、私は盛んに裏付けます)のウェブサイト見定めた。動詞の形は気に留めなければならないが、格助詞付けなければならない。 

I had suspected that it was the shortened form of the causative-passive, and I finally confirmed that at Tae Kim's (who's method to think, insofar as one can, as a native speaker of a language might I heartily endorse incidentally) website. The keys are to stay attentive to the final verb form and not to be intimidated but follow the particles to their functional conclusion.

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