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Post by missj » Sat 12.26.2015 6:45 am

Hi everyone,

I need some help with using the counting/counters in Japanese. For food (such as cakes and apples etc.) Do I use つ ?

For example. If I want to say I have 3 cakes, is it...

ケーキ が みっつ あります

Thank you! Jen

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Re: Counters

Post by bunalz3 » Wed 12.30.2015 12:17 am

Hello, Jen.

While you could count apples (or oranges, etc) using つ, watermelons and (western type) cakes are counted using 個 "ko": ケーキが 3個(さんこ) あります。

Besides, counting using つ is restricted for quantity of ten or less. So, if you have 30 apples (for example), you would say りんごが 三十(さんじゅう) あります。

Check out the following for non-exhaustive listings of their usages:

It's probably confusing, I know. Japanese counters are one of those tricky things (as in no "shortcuts") when learning the language, but don't get disheartened. For food, you'd find recipes to be a good source for learning the variety counters. :)

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